ASP.Net, ExtJS, Jquery – recommended environment

A few days ago I finally got around to working with LINQ to SQL and the experience was more than pleasant!  Within an hour, after my database was modelled I was able to create a master detail page using ExtJS, some Http handlers and LINQ, have control over my Javascript and the code that was rendered server side and have a very clearly defined boundary between presentation and logic.

So using ASP.Net to render HTML and Javascript through lightweight aspx pages, I now use http handlers to handle a lot of my ajax calls, use ExtJs to do the heavy presentation and use JQuery as an adapter (and for any bespoke client side stuff).

Without going into too much detail, the reason I’m beginning to head in this direction is that JQuery is supported by Microsoft now, so I get to learn it, standardise on it and use it across multiple projects.
When I need a more extensive RAD environment I can plug in ExtJS over the top.

ASP.Net Web forms are often too ‘heavy’ so I can move to the MVC framework for Test Driven Development, and a lighter weight server side model, but might not be able to do this immediately (client requirements for non beta stuff etc). By abstracting all the data / logic into model / service layers, I can create http handlers for AJAX requests that spit out JSON and call the respective layers directly for stand web requests.

Using LINQ to do this proved an absolute dream. Serializing objects returned from LINQ, to JSON, spitting the data back via http handlers and then consuming them with ExtJS meant I could achieve some really polished results very quickly.

Hopefully I’ll add some code to support all myc ranting soon,


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