Javascript League Tables

Having seen a lot of league tables on various websites I was suprised to not see the implementations use the UI more effectively. Most of the implementations required the user to click on seperate links to view the current table, results or fixtures.

I was interested to see if I could provide an easier way of navigating between these sets of information, whilst providing a generic API to support different sports, using Javascript only, fed by JSON serialised data.

I naturally chose soccer (football!) as the base of my test data and used the current English Premier League teams to build a demonstration table.

This is what I’ve come up with so far: Javascript League Table and Fixtures

What I’ve done so far is delieverd completely in Javascript and is a bit verbose! If anyone is interested in getting me to develop it further for their website then let me know!


One thought on “Javascript League Tables

  1. Hey, I’m really interested in what you did (especially the JSON part). Do you by any chance still have the code of the page? It looks like the site is not accessible 😦


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