My Twitter Flickr Mashup

I attended full frontal last week, which was excellent. It gave me inspiration to experiment a bit with some JavaScript.

I went about setting myself a very loose brief; Completely written in JS, I wanted to do something quick, in no more than seven hours, I didn’t want to have to write any server-side code and wanted the code to reside on a single page.

I went about looking into the Twitter and Flickr APIs and decided to combine them by doing a photo search on Flickr using tweets from the Twitter public timeline every 60 seconds.

What I came up with ended up as a kind of visual social commentary using Twitter and Flickr.

visual social commentary

I can’t claim any credit for any of the content and I doubt that the idea is unique or original but  I did set out some rules for getting the content : search terms had to exceed two words and I attempted to recognise proper nouns and only use them. The content updated every minute. The tweets must not be recognised replies.

The result gave some interesting effects on me as a viewer. The search result images weren’t always obvious results from the tweets, hey – people tag their photos with strange tags. So knowing that I only had 60 seconds to look through the tweets (not always in English) it made trying to figure out the relationship of the narrative with the  corresponding photos more important, somehow and it became more important to look at the photos and see where the connections came from when I got frustrated.

I also liked the fact that very few users would see the same page with the same tweets and images. This makes me want to expand on the idea and add the option to ‘save your favourite fleet’ (a fleet is what I called the combination of tweet a Flickr images, brilliant hey!)
I thought about adding the option to enter a twitter screen name and allow that to work in the same way on a specific timeline.


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