Why the iWatch could make all Apple’s existing devices more exciting!


After the date announcement of WWDC13 and the potential announcement of an iWatch (I believe the roman numerals are an almsot tagged on give-away)  I had  a discussion with some colleagues about the potential for this new device, both were unconvinced of the need or point of it. Based on what they were saying, I agreed: “a watch is something personal, why would I want something everyone else is wearing?”, “I just don’t see why you’d need another device when you already have an iPhone or an iPad”, “the screen will be too small”. etc

The thing is, I don’t think that an iWatch will be any of the things that they said.

If you watch any of the new Samsung Smart TV commercials,  read  about Google Glass or look at the Leap Motion, I think Apple could be about to do, again,  what it did with the iPhone, and steal the thunder of all it’s competitors, this time with wearable technology.

As a small device with a small screen, little storage capacity and little processing power the iWatch does seem quite pointless, aside from as nice niche market for Apple to get into. As a device that augments a laptop, mobile or  a potential new Apple TV device (or the existing one for that matter), it could be a real winner. With any of: a precision accelerometer, proximity sensors, bluetooth / wireless connectivity, GPS, Siri and NFC, this device could open up a whole world of possibilities for app developers of iWatch connected devices.

Currently the XBox Kinect, Playstation Play, Wii / Wii U, Samsung Smart TV and soon to be  released Leap Motion all use devices that allow users to interact through movement. Apple will follow suit with their interpretation of natural interface controllers at some point, why wouldn’t they do it with an iWatch?


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