Interesting content, it makes work less ‘work like’!

I just finished working on the first release of this website (above) for Peter Grundy, with Further Creative

After discussing with the user experience expert and designer, I  faced the usual development decisions. I chose some solutions which use technology that I’d not employed in anger on many projects before. With Peter’s content being heavy on the visual side, delivered via Flickr, my decisions were largely driven by how well we could present his work,  over any potential SEO ranking.

I don’t remember enjoying working on content that was as stimulating and interesting as the work that Peter creates. Luckily Further allowed the user experience expert, designer and myself enough time to try and achieve what we set out to do and I think this first release is very close to getting there.

Working in a good team always makes work more enjoyable, and the client is always part of a wider development team. In this case the team was great and the content we were working on was inspiring.

I hope it’s not too long before I get to work on the same kind of project again!